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Uber's New Surge Rules - "Making surge work for you!"

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 Posted 5 years, 9 months ago

Did you drivers get this note in the app?  I can't wait to try it out this week...though I am not sure what I should be doing different.

If you click on "Learn More", you see this.


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     5 years ago  (edited 5 years ago)

    This is a response to how drivers "stopped chasing surges."  

    So we are now to go back to chasing surges again. :)  Right?  I mean, they are telling us 1) they last longer and 2) if you enter one, you can exit and still get the surge.

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     5 years ago

    "Surge sticks with you."  

    What do riders see then?  ...if the surge is attached to the driver?   Pax don't know whether there'd be a surge until you are matched up with a driver, right?  So, someone tell me how that works.

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       5 years ago


      What happens really?  The problem is...I am not sure what passengers see different.

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     5 years ago

    What happens when you click on "Learn More"?

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     5 years ago

    We will need a creative routing to get to our jobs now.  Always gotta clip those surge areas...

    I can see this squashing the passenger scam where they try to walk out of surge zones.