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WTF Uber... 4 mile trip for $100

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 Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

This trip is literally 4 miles. 


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     2 weeks ago

    Pay back for all the non tipping wads that Uber managed to dig up . 

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    127 Rider
     2 weeks ago

    Just take a cab.  No I am not joking or anti-Uber. There are obviously no drivers nearby, and you might as well look elsewhere. 

    The prices are dynamic and fluctuate based on availability. 

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    57 Driver
     2 weeks ago

    I bet the driver is still only making $15. There may be surge in effect here but that's where Uber makes the money. Not all is passed on to the customers. 

    Don't remind me of this aspect of driving. It's all about the corp making money. They consistently make updates to the payout, and it's never in driver's favor. 

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    259 Driver
     2 weeks ago

    Supply and Demand.  Capitalism, baby!!!

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       2 weeks ago

      Yeah, this really should be $7.