8 Things Every Rideshare Driver Wants You to Know

Posted by: RideGuru Team Apr 16, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


8 Things Every Rideshare Driver Wants You to Know

Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the way the world travels. Now you can grab a ride from just about anywhere with a only few taps on your phone. Yet, there are some best practices as a rider to ensure you’re properly utilizing this service. Here are 8 things that every rideshare driver wants you to know.  

1. Stay in the location where you booked the ride

This might be the top thing that frustrates drivers. Once you book your ride, DON’T move. You may think you’re helping by walking towards the driver’s location on the app, but you’re actually just making the entire process more confusing. Put the pin on the spot of exactly where you want to get picked up and then don’t move. If the driver needs you to move because of traffic or another reason, they’ll let you know.

2. Don’t order a car that doesn’t have enough seats

Whether you have one extra person or three, don't try to squeeze everyone into an UberX. Many riders order cars for 4 passengers when they have 5 or 6 people in their party. Driver's need to observe general safety precautions and traffic laws and are not allowed to accept extra riders so you can save a few bucks. Do everyone a favor and order the correct number of cars for your number of riders.

3. Treat your driver with respect

Okay, just saying, your driver is a person too. They’re helping you get from Point A to Point B, and just because you’re paying them doesn’t mean that you can be disrespectful. Observe typical courtesies like saying hi, please, and thank you and keeping their car clean, etc.

4. Answer your phone when your driver texts or calls

Your driver wants to make your pick up smooth and hassle-free, but they’re also navigating local traffic laws. Do your part and make sure that you’re paying attention to your phone. You’re making the process harder when you don’t pick up your phone when your driver tries to contact you!

5. Don’t make an unnecessary mess

Your driver works hard to make their car clean for all customers. Don’t make an unnecessary mess! They’ll spend hours at the end of their day cleaning up after you. Take your trash with you, stamp any dirt, snow, or slush off before you get in, and try to be mindful of where you put your feet on muddy days.

6. Be mindful of eating in the car

Each driver individually will have a policy on food in their car. That said, even if your driver is okay with it, make sure that you’re being mindful of their space. Their car is essentially their office and filling it with the scent of a bean burrito or Indian food for the next 8 hours while they work isn’t very considerate.

7. Your rating is important

Rideshares provide the option to rate your driver. Please be mindful that your rating is important. Unless they did something wrong, a 5-star review will be helpful for them in getting additional business. Some riders will decline a driver who has a low rating, and if giving them a poor rating arbitrarily then you’re hurting their business.

8. Only share your ride if you actually want to share

Both Uber and Lyft have carpool options where riders can get a reduced rate if they’re willing to share their ride with another passenger. This involves the potential to pick one or multiple people up and drop them off on the way to your destination. The fare prices can be significantly different so often people will request ‘pools’ without realizing what they might be in for. They then get angry when their ride is significantly longer. Your rideshare driver wants you to know that you should only sign up to share your ride if you actually want to share. Otherwise, just pay for a private car. 

Rideshare drivers have seen it all, and many of them are a bit jaded by their experiences with riders who haven’t followed the above tips. Do your part and improve the ride for everyone. For more information on the best way to travel in your area (Uber, Lyft, taxi, limo, etc.), check out RideGuru.

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