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What can your riders do to make your life a little easier?

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4081 Rider Driver
 Posted 8 months ago

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Make themselves readily findable. Help the driver to find them quickly and easily by text or calling. Treat the driver with the same dignity and respect they would like to be shown. Be personable and reasonable in your demands. Recognize the driver as an individual trying desperately to get ahead of their status quo and needing uplifting and encouragement just like the next guy. Tip ride share drivers like they are a bartender or restaurant wait staff. Believe me they have far more personal expenses driving this vehicle and responsibilities for your safety than either of those groups and you tip bartenders and waitstaff unhesitatingly 20–25%. No matter the length of the ride, I NEVER tip less than a five dollar bill. Being able to get from anywhere to anywhere with fifteen minutes notice at a comparatively cheap rate, is worth at least that to me in spades. OMG $5, that is a Starbucks people. Get a clue, these people make a TOUGH living and please stop living in the 90’s when two dollars meant something. We’re almost in the 2020’s, now it takes five. That’s the reality of the situation. Show your character by caring enough to give a shit! 


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    45 Driver
     8 months ago

    Really two things  

    • Stand on the right side of the road, please. Drop the pin exactly where you wanna be picked up. 
    • And answer your phone when I call. Please. 
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      32 Driver
       8 months ago

      Yeah, pick up the phone. We don’t like to text, and we may cancel on you if you don’t pick up. 

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    253 Driver
     8 months ago

    Little things like stamp the snow/slush of your shoes and boots before you get in. Even with all weather mats things get super messy after a night of work.

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    423 Driver Rider
     8 months ago

    Just be respectful, you know? Some riders really seem to take joy in looking down on drivers. Driving can be a grind and that can make it miserable.

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    49 Driver
     7 months ago

    Brush off your feet.

    Do your part in looking for us, please. Look out for the car, pay attention, stare at the license plate, tell us what you look like, get your face out of the phone. 

    We are fighting all kinds of things on the road to get to you (think airport).  The least you can do is to pay attention!

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    178 Driver
     8 months ago

    Wipe your feet off before getting in my car, or at least try not to get mud all over. Keep your feet in one place. It takes a lot of time to clean my car resulting in lost wages.

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    43 Driver
     8 months ago

    Simple Courtesy, call you driver if you have ventured from the pick up spot or if your pick up location is confusing in any way. Also, always let your driver know if you are running late. Though please dont ever be late...

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    48 Driver Driver
     8 months ago

    Please don't eat a bean burrito and then stink up my car. It is awkward and I have to sit in that stench all night. Just please.

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     8 months ago

    Another driver just trying to get more tips...