Add a Video Message to Your Uber Eats Delivery (and other fun new features)

Posted by: RideGuru Team May 31, 2023


In Uber’s recent update, they added many new safety and convenience related features, but they also couldn’t resist adding a little more fun to the Uber app. From group grocery orders to video messaging, here are the entertaining updates that Uber has added to their app.


Group Grocery Orders

Struggling to split food costs with roommates, vacation buddies or family members? Uber Eats not lets you “group build” your perfect grocery cart and split the bill. Through Group Grocery Orders, Uber Eats allows users to invite participants to a shared grocery cart. Each participant can add items to a shared cart, set deadlines for ordering, and seamlessly split the bill. Additionally, with group grocery orders, you can easily place a recurring grocery order and remind your participants to place their order each week!


Group Rides

Uber has enhanced the ability for friends to be able to share rides together from multiple pick-up locations. According to Uber, with group rides, “you’ll be able to invite others to add their addresses on a group trip, and soon, the Uber app will automatically update the stops to pick each person up according to the most efficient route.” And as a bonus, Uber is updating their payment method so each person will only be charged for the time they spend on the trip, no more splitting the bill evenly for uneven rides. 


Video Gift Messaging

The last new fun feature that Uber rolled out is video gift messaging! Now, on Uber Eats, to make gift-giving more personal, you can record a unique video message to accompany your gift. Currently, video messaging is only available when gifting an Uber Eats gift card but soon you will be able to add a video to anything you send through Uber Eats such as a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates!

Have you tried any of these new fun Uber features yet? 

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