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How to sign up and order a DiDi car

Posted by: RideGuru May 11, 2018
Updated May 10, 2018


Need help signing up for DiDi and ordering your first DiDi rideshare? Traveling to China soon and want to use DiDi to get around?

With Uber no longer available in China, DiDi is the most popular choice for travelers looking for a ride from point a to b. Didi Chuxing, or DiDi for short, is actually quite simple to sign up for and use, especially since the company released an English version of their application, “DiDi – Greater China” a few months ago.

In this article we will walk you through how to sign up for DiDi and order a DiDi car.


How to Sign Up for DiDi

1. First download the DiDi app from the app store.

DiDi app Download

You will want to download the one that says “DiDi – Greater China”

2. Create Your DiDi account

Sign up for DiDi

In order to create your account you will need to enter in your mobile phone number, fill in a verification code they will send you, and enter in your credit card information

3. You are now ready to request your first ride!

Request DiDi ride

Follow the instructions below to learn how to request a DiDi ride.


How to Request a DiDi Car

DiDi’s interface is pretty similar to Uber or Lyft. Upon opening the app, you will see a map of your immediate area with some nearby cars driving around.

1. First type in your starting and ending locations.

2. Choose your level of service

DiDi has several options for levels of service to choose from. Click here to learn about each of DiDi’s service options.

Also notice that DiDi allows you to book your ride for “Now” or “Later”

3. Get your Fare Estimate

Once you have entered in your trip details, DiDi will give you an estimate, if all looks good click “Request”

Within a few minutes you will be connected to a driver. The app will let you view both the driver’s rating and how many rides they have given.

4. Contact your Driver

While you are waiting for your driver, if you need to communicate with him or her, you can send a text through the app. The DiDi app will translate your communication with the driver from English to Mandarin and vice versa.

5. Rate your Driver

At the end of your trip you have the option to rate your driver. Currently there is no tipping option within the DiDi app.


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