Could You Go Carless?

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Dec 01, 2016
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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Recently, many city dwellers are moving away, selling their car, and relying completely on rideshare services and public transportation. Check out the simple checklist below of things to consider if going carless is an option for you! 

Go Carless Infographic

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Could you ditch the car and use only rideshare services like uber and lyft? More and more people are getting rid of their personal vehicles and relying on rideshare services to get around in what could be a cheaper, safer, and easier way. Should you consider?

You live in a city
You dislike driving in cities and/or traffic
You still owe money on your vehicle
You have to pay to park your vehicle
Parking is usually difficult to find
It is expensive to fuel your vehicle
General vehicle maintenance is expensive
Vehicle insurance is expensive
You generally travel short distances, to nearby destinations
You do not usually transport children
You live in an area where rideshares are heavily prevalent
You regularly use rideshares already, even while owning a car

If you have 7 or more checks in the yes column, going carless could be a great option!

There are huge advantages and disadvantages to both options. Going carless requires careful analysis of personal transportation expenses and rideshare costs based on your area.

Serious cost savings: no insurance payments, parking fees, maintenance costs
Time savings: save time finding parking, paying for meters and valet
Pay by frequency of use: cost-effective; only pay for what you need and use

Unable to travel long distances: you lack the ability to easily travel long distances by car
Possibility of wait time: you run the risk of a longer wait time or unavailability
Lack of flexibility: bringing children, pets, or packing larger goods is more difficult

Check out RideGuru’s Fare Comparison Calculator to find the best rideshare service in your area and see if ditching your car could work for you!

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