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Half the population cannot stay loyal to a single rideshare company, and here's why. [Infographic]

Posted by: RideGuru Dec 18, 2018
Updated May 14, 2019


Why do riders switch rideshare companies?

In a short survey organized on our site, respondents shared their reasons for making a rideshare company switch as well as their opinions on the trustworthiness of drivers and rideshare corporations. As it turns out 50% of the population has indeed made a rideshare company switch with the top reason being rideshare costs. As rideshare drivers can attest, rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, have been in direct competition over the past couple of years in regards to offering the lowest fares. While this is beneficial to travelers, many drivers have been frustrated with the ever decreasing pay. If you are looking to make a ride switch and want to price compare before you do check out our fare comparison calculator, we also include how much money gets paid back to the driver!

Through our survey we also compared riders trustworthiness of drivers vs. Uber and Lyft. Turns out riders tend to trust the individual drivers more than the actual companies, though only marginally.

This survey ran from November 8 to November 30, 2018.

Survey Summary

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    426 Rider Driver Driver
     10 months ago

    I am not a app driver  but I do have 30 plus years in this business and I can speak on what I see in NYC.  A lot of newbies who make or cause accidents ,pay too much attention to their app and do not involve themselves in a union to better this industry. 

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