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Ubers & Airport Fares

Posted by: bekah Apr 13, 2017


The initial ride from the airport to your city destination can oftentimes make or break your trip. This first ride can set the tone for a trip – it can be a quick breeze or a long, expensive nightmare. Using RideGuru, we've compiled some information to help travelers be prepared with the knowledge of what to expect when arriving to fifteen of the world's most popular airports.

This infographic illustrates the distances, all converted to miles, from an airport to the estimated center of the closest major city. The cost of an Uber ride from these two points was then calculated through RideGuru and converted into US dollars. Uber is available and permitted in all of the cities and airports included. 

We hope travelers can use this data to plan an easy and enjoyable trip. If an Uber will be very expensive, it may be worth looking into other rideshare options, taxi alternatives, or even public transportation, such as a train or a bus. If an airport you'll be travelling to soon is not included, go to our comparison calculator and find out the cost of an Uber, Lyft, or countless other rideshare options!

Wherever you go and however you get there, RideGuru is here to educate and prepare you. Happy traveling!

Ubers and Airport Fares

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