Uber Eats, DoorDash, or GrubHub: How to get your food delivered as quickly as possible!

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jun 02, 2022
Updated Jun 02, 2022

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How to get your food delivered quickly

Food. We all need it. It’s sustaining, but it also brings joy. Not having to get up and make food or run to pick up a to go order is even more of a reason to celebrate. DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, and all the other food delivery services are almost magical in concept. However, sometimes, there are glitches, and your food doesn’t arrive as quickly as you would like. Here are a few tips to ensure your food is delivered as quick and easy as possible.


If your food is being delivered to a location with a name, like an apartment complex, business, hotel, etc., name the business in the notes of the delivery. This allows people to know where they are going better. Instead of having to look for an address, they will know they are there because they can see the Marriott sign, for example.

Light it up

If you live in a house, just turn on your lights. It will make the driver feel safer, and it will also allow them to see the numbers on your house and assure them you are home. Or if you’re willing, step outside when you see them getting close to your home. Wave, so they know it’s you.


Google Maps is great, but it’s not always completely accurate. If you live in an apartment or a confusing area, be specific. Maybe you’ve had problems with drivers finding your home or location in the past. Write up clear and concise directions and save it in your notes. Then every time you order, you can copy and paste it into instructions. Your order will arrive quickly because they won’t have to wander around hoping to find you.

Forget something?

Text your driver. If you forgot to give them directions or a code, send them a text. This will make it easier and faster for them to find you, so you get your food faster.


Tipping in advance is contentious, but it can make your food arrive much faster. When you add a tip when you order, it is visible to drivers and makes the order more valuable. Many drivers may choose to ignore or skip the delivery because they don’t see a tip, and they don’t make very much money off the base delivery fee. If your order gets bounced around several times, it will take much longer for you to get your food. Even if it’s only a $2 tip, it can make a huge difference in your wait time.

Look for the Checkmark

Restaurants partnering with DoorDash specifically will have a blue checkmark next to their name. This means they have people who work with the app, so the kitchen gets your order immediately and there is no wait time. Restaurants without may have longer waiting times because people are not necessarily tuned into the app and the orders coming in.

Don’t be a trickster

We all crave food, but sometimes we live too far away. There are delivery zones. Don’t try and trick the app or the driver by using a fake address to order and then change it later. You probably won’t receive your food, and you definitely won’t get your money back.

Do you have any additional tips when it comes to getting your food quickly? Let us know on our forum!

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