What are Uber Vouchers?

Posted by: RideGuru Team May 24, 2022

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How to use Uber Vouchers


Vouchers are a relatively new Uber solution that allows organizations to pay partially or fully for Uber rides and/or orders with Uber Eats. Vouchers help to boost company morale and encourage event attendance. Whether the event is in person or virtual, Uber vouchers can get your employees where they need to be or encourage participation via a delivered Uber Eats meal. Further some companies even use vouchers to stand out from the competition and subsidized rides to interviews!

Creating a Voucher Campaign is easy and can be managed right from the Uber for Business Dashboard. Here is how to create and distribute Uber Vouchers:

Step 1: Enable

Enable Vouchers campaigns on your Uber for Business Dashboard and designate people to have admin access.

Step 2: Create

Customize single or bulk vouchers with parameters of your choice, including dollar amounts, locations, and date and time windows.

Step 3: Distribute

Send vouchers by email, text message, URL, or directly in the Uber app. Then send reminders to guests to redeem their vouchers as needed.

Step 4: Redeem

Customers or employees can then add the vouchers to their personal Uber profile, where vouchers will be applied at checkout.

Further, you can prepare your voucher campaigns in advance by pre-scheduling a date to send out your vouchers. And, for a more finished look, Uber even lets you customize your vouchers with your company’s logo!

Vouchers are quite different from gift cards as you will only pay for rides or meals that your employees actually use. So, even if you create 20 vouchers for rides but only 15 employees use them, you will only pay for those 15 vouchers. Additionally, Uber will also let you adjust your attendance list by removing individual recipients if you would no longer like to offer a voucher for a single person.

Redeemed vouchers are simply charged to a credit card of your choosing and you can track the status of voucher redemptions from the Uber for Business dashboard. If you have employees around the world, Uber will even convert the currency, so you don’t have to do the math!

When your employee or guest receives their voucher, they can easily add their voucher to their personal Uber profile once they click on the link. Their voucher will then be applied at checkout and if the total is greater than the voucher, the remainder will be placed on their personal card.

Have you tried Uber Vouchers yet? Let us know your experience in our forum!

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    I haven't used these vouchers I usually take rides from uber and it makes traveling easier for people like us, I do a blog writing UK and wrote articles too on the benefits of apps like uber and etc.