How to order a Lyft for a friend

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jan 30, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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How to order a Lyft for a friend

Looking to order a Lyft ride for a family member or friend? It is surprisingly easy to do so and Lyft even states that they welcome their riders to use their own accounts to request rides for someone else!

Follow these guidelines when requesting a Lyft ride for a relative or friend.

1. Open your Lyft app and enter your friend's pickup address in the app or move the pin to their location. This can be in another city or state.

2. Tap "add destination" and enter in the drop off address of your rider.

3. Choose the type of car your would like to send (Lyft, Lyft Plus, etc).

4. Confirm your payment information. If your friend will be paying for their own ride you can add their credit card to your account.

5. Request the Lyft car! Once a driver has accepted the ride we recommend sending a quick text to the driver letting them know that they will be picking up your friend instead of you. You will also want to send a message to your friend with the details of their ride such as the driver's name, vehicle type, license plate, and estimated arrival time.

Uber recently rolled out a specific feature that streamlines ordering an Uber car for others, check out how to order an Uber for a friend here.

If you have questions or need help, ask the community on our forum.

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