How to Request a Driver on Uber

Posted by: RideGuru Team Sep 21, 2021


Uber Favorite Driver

Have you had an Uber driver who you really enjoyed? Do you wish you could be paired with a certain driver whenever they are online? Luckily, Uber has heard our feedback and, in part due to Covid, they have released a “Favorite Driver” feature!

Uber’s Favorite Driver feature allows riders to select specific drivers whom they would like to be matched with when scheduling Uber rides for the future. Currently, Favorite Driver is only available for scheduled rides that are scheduled at least 30 minutes in advance.

To add drivers to your Favorite Driver list you can simply tap the “Favorite” button when you are on the rating page for your current Uber ride. You can also view your list of favorite drivers by tapping on “Settings” and navigating to the Favorite Drivers tab. Here you have the ability to remove any of your favorite drivers if you wish for them to no longer be on the list.

Currently “Favorite Driver” is only available in the following areas: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Charleston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, D.C., Fort-Myers/Naples, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami,  Milwaukee, Nashville, New Jersey, New York City, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Seattle. Uber does hope to keep adding more cities in the future.

The Favorite Driver feature was added as a part of the Uber Reserve Rollout. “We built Uber Reserve to give riders and drivers added certainty,” Geoff Tam-Scott, Uber’s product manager, told Travel and Leisure, adding that by allowing people to request their favorite drivers, it “connects riders to a familiar face, we hope to offer additional peace of mind when folks need it most.”

Additionally, customers who book their trips using Uber Reserve, at least two hours in advance, will be given an additional 15 minutes of waiting time without being charged a fee. Further, if the driver doesn’t arrive on time, customers will receive $50 in Uber Cash!

Have you used Uber Reserve or Uber’s Favorite Driver yet? If not, make sure to remember to click on that “favorite” button the next time you are reviewing a driver you loved!

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    207 Driver
     2 years ago

    "will be given an additional 15 minutes of waiting time without being charged a fee"

    Really?  So basically, if the driver accepts the honor of being liked and agrees to the pickup, they may have to wait 15 minutes for free...

    Just curious... Accepting the ride would mean doing nothing because they have to make it there on time, but also they must wait an additional 15 minutes and not get paid for it.. when they could be working and giving rides if they do not accept?

    Drivers do not like to accept reservations because it means wasted time not getting paid.  Up to 40 minutes down time... because you have to log on 40 minutes ahead of the pickup.   If one only had to be there on time, one could be productive, then log on when there.... or when leaving home to get there to show one is on one's way there.

    Accepting reservations also may mean less pay for the same ride.

    Just my two cents.  

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    275 Rider
     2 years ago

    Why don't I just get the phone number of the dude and call him?

    It happens all the time, right?

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    2 Rider Driver
     2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this update. Most delivery and rideshare apps don’t allow you to request a specific driver. Even though Uber and Lyft don’t allow to pick a driver for on-demand rides, there’s a trick that can potentially match you with a specific driver 

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     3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this geometry dash subzero update. I drive Uber for a long time and this information is useful for me.