UberEats Now Allows "Pickup"

Posted by: RideGuru Team Sep 27, 2021


Uber Eats Pickup

Tired of waiting for your UberEats delivery? In an effort to expand out the UberEats platform, Uber has added a new pickup feature to the UberEats app. Now users can search for restaurants that are nearby and open for pick up. According to TechCrunch, “the new feature was inspired by feedback from as many as 8 out of 10 users who have switched to other map apps to search for nearby food. The map is rolling out globally and should be available now to most users”.

When you open the UberEats app, you will see the option to choose either Delivery or Pickup at the very top of the app. If “Pickup” is selected a localized map will appear detailing eateries and their exact distances from the user’s location.

Additionally, users are now able to search for food using emojis! Want a hamburger? Simply enter the hamburger emoji into the search field. Not only does this bring a level of fun to the app but it is also helpful for users traveling internationally who might not know the name of a food item in a foreign language.

Uber Eats says there are currently 700,000 local restaurants and merchants on its pickup map and they are anticipating an international rise in pickup orders.

Earlier this week, Uber adjusted their third-quarter forecast in light of increased gross bookings. Building out the UberEats app is certainly one area where Uber believe they can turn a decent profit during this pandemic. 

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