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Drive for Postmates

What is Postmates?

Postmates is an on-demand delivery app, and unlike Uber Eats or DoorDash, Postmates delivers an array of items. Postmates users can have drivers pick up their dry cleaning, go on an alcohol run, grab household goods such as cleaning supplies, and pick up their favorite restaurant meal.

With the Postmates app available in over 1,000 cities and with their platform offering so many services, driving for Postmates is a good way to ensure you will stay busy and make some solid extra cash.

Requirements to Drive for Postmates

In order to sign up to drive for Postmates, you must meet all of the following criteria:


How to Sign up to Drive for Postmates

To sign up to deliver for Postmates, you will actually sign up through the Uber platform, as Uber bought Postmates in 2020. Through the application, you will need to enter your full name, phone number, market, mode of transportation, current mailing address (for your welcome kit), social security number, and your date of birth. Once you have filled out all of the above information, you will need to upload a selfie to verify your identity.

When you are officially signed up to drive for Postmates, you will be sent a welcome kit! The welcome kit will include a helpful getting started manual, an insulated bag for food deliveries, and a prepaid Postmates card. The prepaid card is a unique and vital part of the Postmates delivery gig. Most delivery orders will be prepaid but there are several instances in which the pickup shop will require you to pay for the goods upon arrival. This is where the prepaid card comes in handy, this allows you to pay for the items without using your own debit or credit card.

Completing Your First Postmates Delivery

When you are ready to start your first shift as a Postmates driver, open your Postmates driver app (this is now the same as the Uber Driver app) and go “online” to start getting jobs. Once you accept your first job, the driver app will navigate you to your pickup destination. When you arrive at the pickup store, you will need to bring your phone in to verify the order details. Pay attention to any notes in your app as some restaurants or stores may have specific instructions for picking up Postmates orders.

After you have picked up the items, use the app to navigate to the customer. Once again, pay close attention to the notes in the driver app as some customers may provide special instructions for dropping off their goods. If you get lost or run into trouble you can always connect to your customer via text or phone call through the driver app.

How much can I make driving for Postmates?

Similar to Uber or Lyft, the amount you can make by completing deliveries on Postmates varies by region and time of day. A general rule of thumb is that most Postmates drivers earn about $18 per hour after tips but before any expenses. Most delivery trips earn a driver about $4-$6 at a minimum with that price increasing for longer trips and/or surging trips. You will be able to see the amount you will be paid upfront when you accept a trip.

Postmates will pay you your earnings once a week via direct deposit. Keep in mind that driving for Postmates is a contracted 1099 job, meaning Postmates will not withhold any money for taxes. At the end of the year, you will be required to pay taxes on all your earnings.

It is also important that you account for any expenses that you will incur by driving for Postmates such as gas, tolls, and car maintenance. While Postmates does not reimburse for any of these expenses, you will have the opportunity to write-off these expenses come tax time.

Tips to Increase your Postmates Earnings

While there are no requirements for when or how often you choose to deliver, there are some times when you will be able to make more money than others.

  1. Go online during peak hours! Peak hours on the Postmates app typically center around the hours where most people are eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  2. Pay attention to Hot Spots. Hot Spots are areas of your city where there is a high demand for deliveries. When you open your driver app you will see these areas shaded in orange or red. Navigate to these locations to increase your earning potential!
  3. Accept jobs that have Blitz Pricing! Similar to Uber’s surge pricing, Blitz pricing is enacted when the demand for deliveries is higher than the number of couriers currently on the platform.

Driving for Postmates during Covid-19

Like other gig applications, Postmates has a number of COVID policies to keep you and their customers safe. Some of these policies include “no-contact deliveries” and mandatory mask wearing. Make sure to review their policies for driving during Covid-19.


Do I need a car to drive for Postmates?

No, a car is not necessary to deliver on the Postmates app. Most cities will allow you to use a scooter or bicycle if you prefer.

Who owns Postmates?

Uber bought Postmates in 2020 and as a result some of the policies for driving for Postmates are similar to those for driving on the Uber platform.

Do I have to use the Postmates prepaid card?

No! If you would rather, you can choose to only accept orders that have been paid for in advance.


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