Lyft Makes Airport Pickups Even Easier!

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon May 18, 2023


Image Credit: Lyft.com


Lyft is making ordering a car from the airport even easier! With Lyft’s newest update, you can now preorder a Lyft car as soon as you land and Lyft will handle the timing to ensure a perfectly timed pickup.

Many travelers are unsure of when exactly they should order their rideshare ride; is it upon landing, after retrieving baggage, or once you are outside on the curb? Lyft wants to get rid of the “should I order my ride now?” stress by handling the timing for you. 

Simply, preorder a ride right upon landing and Lyft will automatically match you with drivers once they notice you are getting closer to the pickup spot. If you end up having to wait awhile for baggage or need to hit the bathroom, its no problem! Preordering also means that riders are able to lock in their Lyft pricing and not worry about any fluctuations while they navigate their way to the designated pickup spot.

“Lyft wants to provide the simplest and easiest rideshare experience for travelers,” said David Risher, Lyft CEO. “We are solving one of the biggest airport travel pain points for riders. Our new preorder experience will help make airport travel simple, so riders can get where they’re going with ease.”

Furthermore, Lyft also introduced a “set it and forget it” feature for iOS users. Now iOS users can connect their Apple Calendar to the Lyft app to get reminders about booking upcoming airport rides. Flight and terminal info will automatically populate for users to make booking even easier!

Preordering is currently available at Los Angeles (LAX) and Chicago (O’Hare, Midway), and Lyft plans to add AUS, JFK, and SEA soon!

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