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Uber Phone Number: How to Contact Uber for Help

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Jul 16, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Uber Support

Need to contact Uber? Even with all of today's technology, calling is still the preferred way of reaching out to customer service when a crisis arises. Unfortunately, there is no specific number in existence for Uber support, but if you are an Uber driver, you can still call and talk with an Uber personnel. In October 2017, Uber launched their call feature, which allows you to contact Uber support through the app. Simply, open the Uber Driver app and navigate to the Account section of the app. There will be a Help section. In the upper right hand corner of that section, there is a blue phone icon; tap it. In the pop up, select call support. You will be connected with a trained member of Uber’s team, and they can discuss just about any relevant topic you may have a question about from signing up to a mid trip crisis. 

Emergencies are in a separate category from other Uber calls. If you are in an accident or someone is hurt, the first thing you should do is call 911 or the local authorities for your area. The number one priority is making sure you are safe before contacting Uber. There is an emergency number for Uber, but this should only be used in cases of emergencies. Using it for any other circumstance takes much needed support away from other people in emergency situations. If you find yourself in an emergency, do not hesitate to contact Uber at 800-353-UBER or 800-353-8237. You can also get in touch with emergency services through their Emergency Line Page

There are other, just as satisfactory, routes to getting in touch with Uber. When phone calls are inconvenient or too much work, there are other customer service options available. Help.uber.com is a great way to search your question. It may even be faster if it is something simple and common. This page also lets you browse through the categories to see other common questions or problems. Uber Greenlight Hubs are in person help locations all over the country. The biggest cities in the U.S. may even have several hub locations. These are great for customers needing or wanting a little in person support. The hubs offer a wide range of support. Some even offer free on-site vehicle inspections to help drivers get on the road faster. Direct messaging Uber’s Twitter account is another great way to get in touch with a person quickly; associates can offer help at a fairly quick rate. 

What is your preferred way to get in contact with Uber's help team?

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