Lyft’s Shared Rides are Back and Here is What to Expect (2021)

Posted by: RideGuru Team Aug 03, 2021
Updated Aug 03, 2021

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Lyft's Shared Rides

Lyft has reinstated their shared rides option after previously cancelling the service due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. In an effort to help communities to get moving again and to provide more opportunities for drivers to earn more, Lyft has revamped and launched a brand new shared ride experience in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Denver, with plans to expand to additional markets soon. According to Lyft, their new shared rides experience is “more efficient, reliable and enjoyable for both riders and drivers.”

With the Covid-19 pandemic still in effect and the Delta Variable picking up speed, Lyft has implemented some mandatory safety rules for their shared rides service.

In addition to the Covid-19 health safety rules, Lyft has also updated their shared rides experience to be even more affordable with new booking options and enhanced reliability features. Perhaps the most exciting of these new features is one that allows riders to request their shared ride in advance to lock in the most affordable pricing available. The further ahead of time a rider books, the more discounted the ride! Riders are also still able to order a shared ride on demand as well.

Riders will also be happy to know that Lyft is “getting rid of unexpected route changes and surprise pick-ups”. Riders will now have the option to book shared rides that are labeled as “no surprise pickups,” in which case the route will be fixed and they will know the exact number of pick-ups along the way.

"As the country reopens, we want our most affordable ride option to be available to our riders,” said Lyft President and Co-Founder John Zimmer. “After a year and a half without Shared rides, people are going to love the updates we've made – no surprise pickups, knowing your full route before you get in, and a new option to book ahead."

Lyft drivers currently have the option to opt out of shared rides if they feel uncomfortable with no effect on their bonuses or acceptance rate.

Meanwhile, Uber is not planning to re-launch Uber Pool at this time. When asked an Uber official stated “We’ll explore re-launching Pool when the time is right and will follow the guidelines of health experts”.

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