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Rideshare Companies that may be better than Uber!

Posted by: felicia Mar 17, 2017


Looking for rideshare alternatives to Uber? Look no further! There are endless other options out there, and we want our riders to have all the best information when it comes to choosing the best ride for their journey. For a major list of rideshare companies with detailed descriptions visit our Rideshares Worldwide page. 

Juno - Juno calls themselves "a better ridesharing service", and is starting to take on Uber in New York City, already capturing some of Uber's market in the city. Juno is committed to giving back to their drivers, even letting drivers hold equity in the company!

Curb - Curb is a taxi-hailing app that operates like many rideshares, except it hails taxis. The app connects riders to professional drivers in their area. Curb currently operates in 65 cities worldwide.

Fasten - Fasten is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and prides itself on its fair treatment of drivers, taking less than $1 per ride.

InstaRyde - This is a peer-to-peer on-demand rideshare service connecting riders and drivers in the same area through a mobile application. This service is currently available in Toronto, Ontario and Austin, TX.

Fare - This service is currently only available in Texas, and differentiates itself from other rideshare companies in that riders can choose who they want to be their driver.

Now that you have a list of new rideshare companies to try, don't forget to compare the best prices in your city by using RideGuru! We currently support all these companies, and more!

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