Tips to Avoid Sexual Assault when Riding in an Uber or Lyft

Posted by: RideGuru Team Oct 15, 2021
Updated Oct 15, 2021

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While there are many benefits to rideshares, namely quick and affordable transportation options, there are some safety issues that have been made more prevalent with the popularity of rideshare vehicles.

In a 2019 news story by National Public Radio, a new report showed that Uber received almost 6,000 assault claims over the prior two years. As a rideshare passenger, there are some critical steps you can take to keep yourself safe, specifically when it comes to sexual assault. Take a look at the below infographic put together by Cutter Law to familiarize yourself with some key safety steps to help you stay safe when taking an Uber or Lyft.

In addition, to the above tips, rideshare companies have also added in-app safety features. Lyft allows riders to share their location with friends and family and also has a feature that allows riders and drivers to easily connect with an ADT security professional through texting or calling. Similarly, Uber has an in-app Emergency Button, which contacts 911. When tapped, the app shares the rider’s location, vehicle information, and license plate number, which 911 services can then use to locate the vehicle.

Furthermore, in 2019, Lyft collaborated with RAINN, an anti-sexual violence organization, to institute a safety education program. All Lyft drivers are now required to complete the program to drive for Lyft!

What Should You Do If You’re A Sexual Assault Victim in a Rideshare?

If you have been sexually assaulted while using a ride-sharing service, you should report it immediately. Victims of sexual assault sometimes feel traumatized twice—first, by the initial assault, and then, again, by the unfair treatment, they may receive after reporting the assault. Regardless of the circumstances, a sexual assault is never your fault, and you have the right to report it and obtain justice for what your attacker did to you. You can report your assault through the National Sexual Assault Hotline, at 1-800-656-HOPE, and by contacting law enforcement. 

Finally! If you, as a driver, see anything that makes you suspect human trafficking, it’s essential to report it immediately. One way to report is to contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-800-373-7888 or text “Help” to 233733.

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Tips to Help you Stay Safe and Reduce Sexual Assault in Ubers and Lyfts

As a rideshare passenger, there are some critical steps you can take to keep yourself safe – both Uber and Lyft list these basic safety measures on their websites. 

Essential steps that passengers should take to protect themselves and others. 

  1. First, pay attention to your friends’ cues. Notice whether they look uncomfortable and ask them if they are alright.
  2. Next, if you see anyone acting aggressively towards a passenger, notify the police or call security immediately.

    If you are going out with a group of friends, stick together and employ a buddy system. Make a plan with others in advance about how long you will stay out and whether someone may be going home early. Always make sure that anyone who leaves first, leaves safely. Walk them to their rideshare and make sure they are getting in the right car, especially if they are intoxicated. Ensure the make, model, license plate, and driver photo match the information on the Uber or Lyft app. Tell you friend to text or give you a phone call to let you know they have arrived home safely.
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