Traveling to Europe? Check out these new 2023 European Uber offerings!

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jun 28, 2023
Updated Jun 28, 2023


Photo Credit: Uber.com


Summer is one of the busiest times for travel and Uber wants to help make your trip seamless. This summer Uber is expanding their services in 6 popular European countries to better help travelers get where they need to go. From Mallorca to Sicily, Uber has your back with these new options:

Uber in Greece

In Greece, Uber has added Uber Taxi in Athens and has expanded Comfort, Van, and Taxi options through the gorgeous Greek isles, including Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Corfu. These offerings will be bookable both on demand as well as in advance, so you can plan ahead. And if you’re interested in setting sail, they are also adding a Boat charter in Mykonos, live until October! 

Uber in Italy

Uber will be back in Italy’s newest hotspots, Sicily and Sardinia, as well as available in Malta. Travelers can use the Uber app to book Uber Black rides as well as Taxis. With Taxi, you’ll see an upfront fare estimation in the app, along with car model and driver details, while with Black you’ll see upfront pricing from the premium service operated by professional drivers in luxurious cars. With Uber Black, you can reserve a ride 90 days in advance.

Uber in Spain

This summer, Uber is expanding to Mallorca and Tenerife for the first time ever! Beginning in June, locals and tourists alike will be able to request Uber Comfort, Uber Reserve, and Uber Van in Mallorca and Uber Black in Tenerife. Uber also plans to integrate Taxi services into the app in both of these locations over the coming weeks.

Uber in France

Uber is back to their seasonal summer pop-ups all along the French Atlantic coast, from Basque cities Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz to La Baule and Le Touquet south of Brittany. They will also have Uber Berline in Bordeaux, making it easier than ever to visit vineyards in style. 

Uber in Portugal

In Portugal, Uber is now live across the Algarve, the country’s southernmost region known for its beautiful beaches and picturesque towns. They also have introduced a wide portfolio of product offerings for holiday-makers, including UberX, XL, Green, Assist, Pet, Comfort, and more.

Uber in Croatia

Along the Croatian coast, Uber's services are available in Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka and the island of Pag.

If you want to look up the cost of Uber services at your travel destination, try using our fare comparison calculator.

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