Uber and Lyft Help Maui

Posted by: RideGuru Team Aug 22, 2023
Updated Aug 23, 2023


Photo Credit: BBC


In response to the Wildfires in Maui, Uber and Lyft have both enacted their disaster response programs in an effort to help those in need. The devastation that swept through the beautiful island of Maui consumed homes, businesses, and displaced many families. The Maui fire victims face a very tough road ahead as they start to rebuild their community. Uber and Lyft have both promised the following initiatives to help support those affected.


Lyft’s Response 

Lyft has formally activated their Lyft Up Disaster Response program which is designed to provide free and discounted rides to help those impacted move to designated shelters or to reach critical resources. 

Rides can be accessed to various shelters across Maui by using the code MAUIRELIEF23. The code is valid for 2 rides up to $15 each, while the ride coupons are available. We recommend checking operational hours and availability before visiting the shelters!


Uber’s Response

Similar to Lyft, Uber is also offering free rides to or from shelters, stating that their “priority is to ensure that transportation is not a barrier to evacuees receiving help or to volunteers offering their assistance.” Through a partnership with American Red Cross, riders in the impacted area can receive up to $40 towards a ride to or from temporary shelters or hotels. To redeem the discount, riders must apply the promo code MAUI23 in the Wallet section of their Uber app prior to requesting the ride.

Further, Uber is also donating $500,000 to the Hawai’i Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund. To continue the fundraising, Uber and UberEats have also launched an in-app donation button to allow any Uber users to easily donate to the Strong Fund as well.

Lastly, Uber vows to support active drivers in Lahaina through financial support and immediate needs. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Maui and we will continue to update everyone on ways we can come together and help.

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