Can I use WageWorks with Uber?

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Sep 04, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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Using WageWorks with Uber

People work hard for their money, and no one likes to spend more than they have to, which is why Uber has partnered with WageWorks and other resources. This allows riders to use their pre-tax dollars to ride and get around as long as their employer belongs to a commuter program. 

WageWorks is not the only commuter program Uber has partnered with. They are also working with: Edenred, Ameriflex, Benefit Source, and Navia.

WageWorks is used to pay for uberPOOL rides, and anyone can take part in this collaboration as long as their employer belongs to a commuter program.  All you have to do is have your commuter benefits card and your Uber account handy. Tap the menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Tap Payment. Click on Add Payment Method. Enter your commuter benefits card to your payment methods, and you are ready to ride uberPOOL with your hard earned pre-tax dollars. After you enter your destination but before requesting your ride, click Payment Method and choose your commuter benefits card as your payment of choice. Tap "Request", and you’re ready to go! There are fewer uberPOOL vehicles on the road, so it can take a little bit longer for your driver to arrive. However, in the end, the wait could save you a lot of money. 

This program began in mid 2016 and has been a huge success. This program has saved people money, but many people are still completely unaware that they are able to use their pre-tax dollars through WageWorks and other commuter programs to ride in uberPOOL. If you are not part of a commuter program but your company offers one, you can talk to an HR representative to join. In 2017, a person could contribute up to $255 a month to the program. It is still a new program and only available in select cities across the country: New York City, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Denver, Atlanta, Miami, LA, San Diego, Seattle, and the entire state of New Jersey.  

Riders who use their commuter benefits card can save up to 30% on their ride. That adds up to a good chunk of money after a while!

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