What Are Bird Cruisers?

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Sep 09, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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The world is changing and the ways of getting around are changing as well. Bird Scooters have become a go to for getting around cities because they are eco-responsible, affordable, safe, and easy to use. Bird Cruisers are the latest addition to the Bird family. 

The cruisers have a similar look to small mopeds. With room for two people, the electric minibike can get two people around the city simultaneously. The cruisers are made for getting people short distances in cities to save time and money but limit the dependency on traditional vehicles.

Bird Cruisers are meant to keep road congestion and carbon emissions to a minimum, but they maximize functionality and safety. There is one long padded seat, which will comfortably sit two adults. The seated position differs from the standing position of Bird Scooters. Riders can also choose between pegs and pedals for their feet, which gives them the option of relaxing or having a little work out. The scooters have twenty inch wheels, acceleration, hydraulic disc brakes, suspension system, and LCD display allowing riders to cruise around town safely and comfortably without being hindered by inclines and declines. Cruisers can travel up to fifty miles on a single charge of the rechargeable 52v battery. 

Bird has yet to reveal what cities will be receiving the cruisers, but they will be available to the public sometime during the summer of 2019. Like the general availability, the cost of the cruisers is still unknown. Bird should be releasing this information shortly. 

Cruisers will be a new way of getting around without relying on public transportation, taxis, Uber, or driving. Micro mobility and reducing carbon emissions is on the rise, particularly in large cities. Bird is taking steps to help citizens do their part, while still getting from point A to B quickly and affordably. Have you used a Bird Cruiser yet?

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