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Why would it be cheaper to get a Spanish speaking driver (Uber Espanol) or wheelchair access (WAV)?

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 Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

Why would this happen? I mean, if the option was that they ONLY speak Spanish, it may make sense, but this is supposed to be an extra service.

and the wheelchair?


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     2 years ago

    Maybe there's less availability of UberX.  Wait, no.  That is weird.  I assume Spanish and WAV cars are regular UberX so there should always be more availability of UberX, hence that should be the cheapest.

    Do cars assigned as WAV or Spanish only accept those special requests?  No, right?

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     2 years ago

    Maybe longer wait time for those special vehicles. It doesn't quite make sense, but maybe the logic of "longer wait time = cheaper prices" kicked in (inadvertently for Uber).

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     2 years ago

    Simple.  Uber forgot to add their random uptick to those options. Probably fell off the radar or their algo missed it. 

    Sharp eye though.  I will check those.

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       2 years ago

      or they felt guilty screwing people in wheelchairs

      and they know to pay Mexican drivers less. That's just the Uber way.

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         1 year ago

        Just because we speak Spanish we are Mexican? Yo se donde Ud. puede ir.

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     2 years ago

    Also....why is UberX allow 3 passengers and UberWAV and Spanish offer 4?

    Especially with the Wheelchair, you'd think it'd be the opposite

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       2 years ago

      The car having a wheelchair or a Spanish speaking driver doesn't mean it's automatically an UberX size. 

      Maybe it's an SUV (UberXL) that happens to have a wheelchair or a Mexican driver.