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Are taxi drivers paid hourly?

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 Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago


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     6 months ago

    Nope. They usually keep what they make. They usually give a cut of the revenue to the taxi company, people who they lease their taxicabs from.

    It depends on the city though. In some, they pay to lease the taxicabs (the actual vehicles), and they get to keep all the money they bring in.  In others, you give them a percentage of what they brought in.

    I think bus drivers and train conductors get paid hourly. I mean, I have no idea but I assume.

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     6 months ago

    are you asking if how much they make, on average, in an hour?

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     6 months ago

    Taxi drivers, like rideshare drivers, are usually independent contractors. I don't know if any of them get a salary. 

    Perhaps in small towns with small taxi companies? and maybe limo drivers like airport transfers.  That's a whole different ballgame though.

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     6 months ago

    No. They do not.