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Buy Uber Black spots off other drivers?

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97 Rider Driver
 Posted 3 years ago

How long has this been a thing for? I have recently see a few mentions of drivers buying (usually for 1-2k) an Uber Black spot off of another driver who is done with the game. Is it worth it at all? How does it work?


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     3 years ago

    I did this is 2015 in Phoenix for $1800 and I think it has been worth it. The Black/SUV market isn't always as busy as I would hope but overall I have made more money than I used to!

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     3 years ago

    I have heard of this before but I really cannot imagine it is worth it. Have the time you are getting X or XL rides anyways and then you have such a higher car payment and your nice car is getting used HARD by daily pax.