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Does booking in advance or scheduling ahead guarantee my fare on Uber and Lyft?

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 Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

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     4 months ago

    How can anybody schedule an Uber or Lyft in advance? What does Uber and Lyft do when there are no cars available? 

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     1 year ago

    I take care of my sister who lives across the country in a special facility.  Every Sunday I schedule her a ride to church.  I have been using Uber but I cannot figure out how to add special pick up notes without getting up at 4:30am, waiting to be assigned a driver and then adding the notes of which gate to go to.  Is there a better way?

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       9 months ago

      Yeah, scheduled rides won't work if you are trying to leave a note for the drivers. You have to send those notes at the time of the ride/pickup.

      May I suggest maybe calling a local taxi company? Having a local dispatcher and a taxi driver may end up being more reliable. I've had friends who do this exactly. They just make it a routine  recurring ride for them every week.  The driver ends up knowing the rider and in a few cases I know, they always helped them on and off the car.   Maybe set this up and use Uber as a back up?

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     1 year ago

    I scheduled for a ride throu uber for tomorrow. When is the money taken out of my account??

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       1 year ago

      Hi, the transaction will be handled by Uber entirely. Uber will charge your card at the end of your ride.

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         4 weeks ago

        That's funny bc the VERY FIRST TIME I used Uber, they charged my card BEFORE the ridd, scheduled a driver and then CANCELLED the driver!!!

        I don't know if that's typical but it certainly put me off!!!

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     3 years ago

    Are you saying Lyft didn't copy Uber for once?

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     4 years ago

    Big win for Lyft!!   Way to go!