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Has anyone else on here just completely stopped caring about their rating?

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94 Rider Driver
 Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

I stopped stressing over my rating and am so much happier now. Still doing well with a 4.88


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    95 Driver
     1 year ago

    I actually stopped paying attention to it but don’t get me wrong. I still care about providing good service. 

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    171 Driver
     1 year ago

    How do you make yourself block it out? Eventually I have to look at it and if it has dropped I then start wondering - and then I get supremely annoyed - pissed off!  Does anybody else get annoyed at this - you try everything in your arsenal to get a smile or a kind word out of somebody and they completely stonewall you. That’s okay but then when we ride along in silence,  and I wish them a ‘very happy day’ at journey’s end, somehow I think they’re gonna take their crappy mood out on me with a low rating, even though it’s not my (our) fault! 

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    69 Driver
     1 year ago

    Ya, I am in this same boat. I think driver put way too much stock on their rating. Just give a good ride and everything seems to work out.