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How do i contact a fellow passenger? like a co-rider on an UberPool or LyftLine?

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 Posted 4 years, 5 months ago

The Guru Take


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     4 years ago

    From the USA Aritcle:

    Jonathan Lally, 30, who works in the tech industry in San Francisco, never knows when to go for it while taking Lyft Line. He is also hopeful he might meet someone, but feels uncomfortable asking a woman for her number.

    That doesn't stop him from crossing his fingers every time he hails a car. When you use Lyft Line, users see what Lally describes as a "slot machine" of potential passengers until it settles on the one that makes logistical sense for the ride.

    "Every time, I'm always like, 'Oh, I hope it's a cute girl,'" he told TODAY.

    Creep much?

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     4 years ago
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     4 years ago

    What if I just wanted to engage on a friendly conversation?!

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     4 years ago

    Yep, this is one of those things guys don't think about. (well, except for creepsters)   I never enter my home location whethere it's a shared ride or not. I just get dropped off at the corner of my street and walk.