5 Ways to Contact Uber

Posted by: RideGuru Team Aug 19, 2016
Updated Jan 16, 2020



1.  Contact Uber directly through the Uber app. Step 1. Open your Uber app and tap the menu in the upper left hand corner. Step 2. Click on "Help". Step 3. Select the text that corresponds with your issue. If you need to contact Uber regarding a certain trip, go to "Your Trips" in the menu and click on the past trip that you need to inquire about.

You can also update your account information through the Uber app by clicking on "Settings".

2. If you are a social media guru, try tweeting at Uber (@Uber or @Uber_Support). If you make enough of a stink, we bet they will respond fairly quickly!

3. If you are a Driver use Uber's localized driver city help pages. Uber has built out localized web resources specifically for driver-partners. Many of the major US cities have in-depth driver guides at uber.com/drive/. 

Once you arrive at the Drive homepage of the site, you can find your city's driving info within the top navigation under 'Drive'. Simply click 'Driving in your city' to browse local driving information. There you'll find for an assortment of driver updates and educational tips including vehicle requirements, airport guidelines, local Greenlight Hub locations, and demand heatmaps, to name a few. If you need to change the city, click on the location pin in the top right hand corner.

If you are having trouble finding the information you need on Uber's help pages, you can always call Uber's driver support lines. To call, first open your driver app and tap account. Then tap help. Next tap the blue phone icon in the top right corner of your screen. Finally, tap call support.

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4. Try using Uber's Help Center. This is where Uber publishes their help articles and commonly asked questions, you just might be able to find the right answer here!

5. Try an Uber Greenlight Location.

Sometimes, you just want to have a face-to-face conversation. Uber understands that. That’s why they’ve opened up Greenlight locations throughout the country. Check out the different types of Greenlight locations and what they provide for partners:

Greenlight hubs: Go here to talk with an Uber expert in person. Need help getting activated? Have a question about a recent payment? You can ask your questions 1-on-1 with an Uber Expert at any Greenlight hub. This facility is Uber's official help center for both new and current driver-partners.

Greenlight spots: These locations are intended for in-person assistance for new drivers. If you'd like to get assistance in the activation process, find a Greenlight spot near you. 

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY: Uber does have a Critical Safety Response Line. However, this is only to be used in emergencies, such as accidents involving Uber vehicles. Uber states, "If you require immediate police or medical attention, please call 911. Once all parties are out of harm’s way, and the necessary authorities have been contacted, please dial the number below (800-353-8237 (UBER)) to speak with an Uber representative. Please note that this line is strictly for users who require safety-related assistance.”

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