How to edit your tip amount in the Uber app

Posted by: RideGuru Team Oct 06, 2021


Did you accidentally enter in the wrong tip amount on your Uber trip? Do you need to retroactively tip your driver from a past trip? While tipping your Uber driver is pretty self-explanatory sometimes you may need to change the tip amount or add a tip a few days out. Here are the complete rules when it comes to tipping your Uber driver.

Unfortunately, you are only allowed to edit your tip amount DURING your trip. After you trip has ended, you only have the option to further add to your tip amount, not to change it. According to Uber, the tip amount given in the app becomes immediately available to the driver which is why they are unable to refund tips retroactively.

If you are still on your Uber trip here is how to edit your tip amount:

1. Open the Uber app.
2. Tap the white screen to expand the trip details.
4. Select "Edit" next to the rating.
5. Select or enter the amount you want to tip and tap "Save."

If your trip has ended and you wish to add a tip, follow the below steps. Please note, that after 30 or 90 days (depending on your location), you won't be able to add a tip to your ride anymore.
1. Open the Uber app.
2. Tap the menu icon and then "Your trips."
3. Select the trip you want to increase the tip amount for.
4. Tap "Add to your tip."
5. Enter the additional amount you want to tip and tap "Set tip."

You can also add a tip by going to riders.uber.com, selecting the trip from your trip history, and clicking 'Add a tip.' Or, you can also simply go to your emailed trip receipt and click ‘Add a tip’. Finally, you may also tip in cash, if you would prefer!

Please note that on Split Fare trips, only the rider who originally requested the trip will be able to select the tip amount for a trip. If a tip is added by the original requester, it will not be split with the other passengers.

Any tips given to your Uber driver through the Uber app will be charged to the same payment method as your trip fare. However, if you are using a voucher from a business account to pay for your Uber ride, your tip amount will be charged to your personal payment method as vouchers do not currently cover tip amounts.

Remember! Uber takes zero service fees on tips, so 100% of the tip goes straight to your driver! 

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