How to Sign up and Order an Ola Car in 2023

Posted by: RideGuru Team Feb 14, 2023
Updated Feb 14, 2023


Need help signing up and ordering your first Ola car? In this article we will walk you through how to sign up for Ola and order an Ola car via the Ola app.

How to Sign Up for Ola

1. First download the Ola app from the app store.

Download Uber App

2. Create Your Ola account

Create Ola Account

At this point in time in order to create your account you will need to enter in a mobile phone number that has an Indian or Australian country code. To switch the country code from India to Australia, click on the Indian Flag icon.

3. Add money to your Ola Money account or choose to pay in cash

Ola Money

4. You are now ready to request your first Ola ride!

Ola Services

Follow the instructions below to learn how to request an Ola ride.


How to Request an Ola Car

Ola’s interface is pretty similar to Uber or Lyft. Upon opening the app, you will see a map of your immediate area with a pin in your location. TIP: Make sure to turn on location services for the Ola app!

1. First type in your starting and ending locations.

Ola Pickup and Dropoff

2. Choose your level of service

Ols Services

Ola has several options for levels of service to choose from. Click here to learn about each of Ola’s service options.

Also notice that Ola allows you to book your ride for “Now” or “Later”

3. Request your Ola ride and track in real time

Track you Ola ride

Once you have entered in your trip details and clicked on "Ride Now", Ola will connect you to a driver. You can track the driver's location and when they will arrive to pick you up through the app.

4. Rate your Driver

Ola Rate your Driver

At the end of your trip, you have the option to rate your driver. 5 Stars is the normal rating for a ride but if something was amiss you can take a star or two off.


Have questions about ordering an Ola car? Try asking our ride experts in the RideGuru Forum.

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    After selecting the ride type, melon playground  the app will show you the estimated fare and wait time. Confirm the booking if the details are correct.