How to Use Airbnb and Rideshares: Essential Advice for Planning the Perfect Getaway

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Jul 10, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


How to save money with Airbnb and Uber

Traveling can be for pleasure, for business, or for something somewhere in between. What traveling should not be is overly stressful due to inconvenience or cost. Two of the most notoriously stressful and expensive factors about travel are lodging and transportation. Hotels and taxis are great, but they are also the more expensive option. In today’s sharing economy, travelers have more options, and by utilizing platforms such as Airbnb and Uber travelers may find that they not only save money but they are also able to reduce travel related anxiety.

Airbnb has created a huge new lodging industry around the world, which benefits both travelers and home-owners. Home-onwers can earn significant extra income from renting out their homes or spare rooms. Travelers have more options for lodging. Airbnb allows a user to rent a room, an apartment, a home, or something else; the options are all but endless. Airbnbs offer different and unique amenities to travelers at competitive rates. Hotel rooms usually only consist of a bedroom and a bathroom but Airbnbs can be much more than that. With the addition of kitchens, laundry, or extra rooms, travelers can save money by cooking for themselves, doing laundry, or having multiple people stay in one location. 

We find many travelers are often a little nervous about booking an Airbnb for the first time, but you really shouldn't be! There are multiple ways of ensuring that you are booking safe and legitimate lodging. First, make sure you thoroughly read the reviews of any Airbnb home you are looking to rent. This is a great way to gauge the caliber of property you are booking. There will almost always be good reviews and bad reviews, so it is important to look at all the reviews and see which way they are leaning. You do not want to book an Airbnb with frequent bad reviews. There are also tons of bloggers and travel sites that review Airbnbs in certain locations. You can always look towards these blogs because they can offer insights into some of the great local places to stay. Make sure you are booking your vacation early though as many of these spots fill up quickly!

Rideshares, such as Uber and Lyft, are the transportation version of Airbnb. They are a great way of getting around local areas if you’re traveling without a car. There are a plethora of rideshare options in the world depending on the location and country you are traveling to. RideGuru is a wonderful resource to use on your travels because they will help you figure out the cheapest rideshare option at your travel destination. New to ridesharing an a little uncertain on how to book your first ride? Check out our help guide to get started or visit our forum to ask our community of drivers and riders your questions!

Traveling is a wonderful part of life. To save some money, looking into Airbnb and rideshares is a great way to make your next getaway a little more affordable. 


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