The New and Improved Lyft Concierge Service

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 24, 2022
Updated Feb 11, 2022


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Recently, Lyft announced an expansion to their Lyft Concierge service. Lyft Concierge enables organizations within the Lyft Business portal to schedule and cover ride costs on behalf of a patient, employee, or customer.

Now with the new added benefits, Lyft Concierge riders will enjoy extended safety features and an overall enhanced experience when they open their rides in the Lyft app. More specifically riders will now be able to access multi-language support and advanced security.    


A Highlight of Lyft Concierge's New and Improved Features:

Provide advanced safety features: Riders can have greater peace of mind with access to in-app safety tools such as the ability to share ride details with a loved one or alert 911 silently with Emergency Help, supported by ADT.

Boost rider satisfaction with multi-language, streamlined support: Lyft can offer quick support for common issues like lost and found, leading to fewer customer support requests for organizations to resolve. Additionally, riders who use Spanish, French, or Portuguese on their smartphones will receive ride details in that language.

Lower their costs by reducing no-shows and cancellations: Drivers will have more information about riders, including photo and exact location, which will improve rider pickups.

Currently, Lyft Concierge is available in select markets around the United States, but Lyft is hoping to bring this service to new areas soon. Lyft states that the “majority of Concierge rides today are for patients getting to and from their medical appointments via Lyft’s non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) partnerships with health systems, health plans, and transportation brokers across the country. Concierge is also especially popular for customers who need reliable transportation while their car is serviced at an automotive dealership or service center.”

If you would like to get started with Lyft Business and Concierge for your organization, you can learn more and sign up here

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