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Uber as Couriers: Tips and Tricks on Getting Your Goods from Place to Place

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Aug 14, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Need to deliver a package across town? Want to drop off a forgotten belong at your friends house?

Uber is more than just getting people from place to place and bringing your favorite late night snacks to your front door. People are ingenious and always finding ways to save money. Courier services can be pricey, and Uber is less expensive and reliable. People have started using Uber to get their packages and goods from one spot to another, so much so that this is becoming normal for Uber drivers to encounter in cities across the United States and elsewhere. 

Communication is always important when you have an out of the ordinary request. Uber drivers have been around the block, literally, so they’re used to strange requests. It’s important to be upfront with your driver and ask them if they are ok making a delivery for you. You should also let them know what they will be transporting. No one wants to be the bearer of a mysterious envelope or package. 

Drivers are allowed to decline, so don’t be offended if the driver chooses not to deliver your item. You can always order another Uber. Tipping is always nice, but leaving a good tip is especially beneficial when you are asking more of a driver than is normally asked. It also helps ensure your package gets where it’s supposed to go in a timely and responsible manner. 

This should be self explanatory, but no illegal substances. You should not be in possession of them to begin with, but you should never have an Uber driver deliver your illegal substance. Also no live animals. This is disrespectful and potentially dangerous for all involved. 

Courier services are trained at delivering items, and Uber drivers are not. Try and make the delivery process as easy as possible on your Uber driver by making sure someone will be waiting at the drop off site for the item. If this is not possible, let your Uber driver know exactly where to leave the package. The Uber driver is not liable for any damages or incidents that occur to your package. Any driver that delivers an item for you is already going above and beyond.

Delivering items is not part of the Uber service, so there is no liability or coverage if something is stolen or broken during transit. You should not try this with anything expensive or breakable because the driver could steal it and you would simply be out of luck. As much as Uber is committed to providing safe and reliable drivers, there is only so much they can do. 

Using Uber as a courier service is a great way to save money and get your item to its destination quickly, but do it wisely. Make sure to tip. Your Uber driver is helping you out, and they do not have to!

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