Understanding Your Uber Driver Earnings Statement

Posted by: RideGuru Team Apr 29, 2022

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Driving for Uber is an easy way to make a quick buck. From the streamlined sign-up process to getting paid quickly and seamlessly via direct deposit, Uber has worked hard to make things simple. However, the Uber app is not perfect and every so often a tech bug or unique ride circumstance will cause a major headache when it comes to getting paid correctly for your time.

One of the more common issues we see drivers complaining about is having a recent fare or trip not show up in their daily summary tab.

Drivers can view fares for recent trips by:
1. Tapping your daily fare total at the top of the main screen of the app

Fares should show up immediately but Uber states that you should always give a buffer of 48 hours in order for the app to reflect the fare breakdown. However, if you do not see your fare recorded after 48 hours, you need to contact Uber

This same philosophy applies to your “earnings tab”. When you complete a trip, it should immediately appear on your earnings statement but in some cases, it can take up to 48 hours for a trip to display.

According to Uber, “Each earnings statement week begins on Monday at 4:00 am local time and ends at 4:00 am the following Monday. If a trip was completed before 4:00 am on a Monday, it may appear in the previous week’s earnings statement.”

Additionally, if the trip you just completed was extra-long or had an abnormally high fare, it will most likely take more time to appear on your earnings statement due to an additional Uber review process.

While it is frustrating to not see your hard work recorded in the Uber app it is also equally as frustrating to see that your fare was adjusted (and not in your favor!). Fare adjustments are sometimes made when riders reach out to Uber with concerns about their trips. If your fare was adjusted after a recent trip, it most likely means that your rider requested a fare review. The most common reasons that riders will request a fare review are:

- Trip didn't start or end on time
- Wrong rider was picked up
- Route was not ideal
- Technical issues impacted the trip
- Driver refused the rider's destination

On the flip side, if you feel as though an initial fare is unfair, you can always request a fare adjustment as well! Please note that all requests for fare reviews must be made within 10 days of the trip.

Lastly, we have had drivers report that addresses are missing from their trip history. This is actually on purpose. Uber uses anonymization technology to enable safe communication through the Uber app. They do this to protect location information of Uber riders. The trip history tab for drivers will show a street name and enlarged location end points, but not specific addresses. This helps balance the privacy of rider location information with access to the details you need to track your driver earnings, including timestamps and trip distance.

If you have questions regarding your earnings statement or daily summary, try asking our community of drivers in the RideGuru Forum!

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