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5 necessary items all Uber drivers should have!

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Rider Driver
 Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

These are my top 5, what are yours?

1. DashCam

2. Vomit Bags

3. Weapon for self defense

4. Rideshare Insurance 

5. Phone Charger/Holder


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    Driver Rider
     3 weeks ago

    This reminds me it is tissue season again. Always carry a box this time of year :)

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      6502 Rider Driver
       3 weeks ago

      I agree. When people get in a warm car from the cold their noses run. The entire ride all you here is sniffing. So annoying. That is one thing no one has left behind in my car. I do have a small bag for those dirty tissues.  So far everyone has taken them with them:)

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      Driver Driver
       3 weeks ago

      Seems like a dumb idea, you'll just end up with dirty tissue all over your car.

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    203 Driver
     3 weeks ago

    Did you suggest to everyone that we should have weapons?

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    716 Driver
     3 weeks ago

    what's a good non-lethal weapon?