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Drivers: How do you feel about Uber banning riders with low rating?

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 Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago

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    811 Driver
     3 months ago

    I do not pick up any low rated pax. I would like to be able to rate the Uber pax way after the ride instead of immediately. Any lyft pax that does not tip in a 10+ ride automatically gets 1 star removed by me when I rate them a day after the ride

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    1067 Rider Driver
     3 months ago

    If their rating is low enough that even Uber thinks that they should be gone, then they should be culled.  Having a credit card and an app shouldn't be Carte Blanche to do whatever you want.  

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    625 Driver
     3 months ago

    i don't mind at all.

    It will keep the riders in check.