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How low is too low (Passenger rating)

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575 Driver
 Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Had a Lyft request last night for a long ride. As I was pulling up to the train station in Newark I looked at Lyft screen and noticed little yellow person is not on the map (tells me most likely someone ordered a ride for a friend or family member). Extremely crowded at the station so I call the passenger and I was right, Mom ordered a ride for her son and grandson. (Greeeat, as soon as I hear Grandson, red flags go off - how old is the grandson I ask?)

He is 4 years old se says. I ask - does your son have a car seat for him?,  -Ahhhh, No!

Unfortunately I will not be able to give them a ride, etc due to policy, and so on and so forth. 

She says this never happened before, you know, the usual speech, I told her I will cancel the ride, though really should have had her cancel it herself.

As I pull away I get my next request - look at the passenger rating below - yet, OK for them to stay on the platform but not for the rideshare drivers who fall below 4.6

Obviously I declined. 

I bet the passenger was looking at his app and saw at least 8 cars available near by, but the wait wheel just kept on spinning, and spinning and maybe is still spinning. What drier in their right state of mind would accept this request.

Passengers do not seem to understand the importance of being good human beings while being driven. Rating that low absolutely indicates it was not 1 or 2 rouge drives leaving low marks


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