How does Lyft work?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 06, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


How does Lyft work?

If you are new to ridesharing and have never tried Lyft before, there is no need to worry. Using a rideshare service like Lyft is much easier than you may think. To get started, check out our top five beginner FAQ's and follow the link at the bottom of the article for detailed step by step instructions on how to sign up and use Lyft.

What is Ridesharing?

Rideshares are similar to traditional taxicabs but instead of hailing a car on the street or calling a dispatch service, rideshares offer a smartphone application that you can use to call a car with a single push of a button. A nearby car is automatically assigned to you, and, using your phone's GPS location, will find its way to you to pick you up. At the end of the ride the app will automatically charge your credit card on file so you can simply exit the vehicle.Depending on the service you choose, your ridehail driver may work for a local livery service, or may simply be a member of the community.

How Much Does a Lyft Ride Cost?

This depends largely on where you’re headed and when. There is a base charge, a cost per mile, and a cost per minute charge that all come together to form your end fare. There may also be some surcharges such as the Lyft Trust and Safety Fee. For price estimates of Lyft rides in your city, check out our Fare Comparison Calculator.

Should I Tip My Driver?

While tipping is always up the rider, we recommend that you tip your Lyft driver for a job well done. The Lyft app lets you tip your driver within the app at the end of the ride to make things seamless. For more tipping etiquette follow our RideGuru Tipping Guide.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for my Lyft Ride?

Before you order your car the Lyft app will let you know the approximate wait time until your pickup. If you live in a larger city your wait time will be quite short, under about 3 minutes during non rush hour. If you live in the suburbs you may have to wait 10-15 minutes for your driver to arrive.

What’s the Star Rating System on the Lyft app?

When your ride ends, you are given the option to rate your driver on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. You can also choose to leave a comment if you wish. 

If you’re happy with your ride, give your driver a 5 star rating. If you give a 4-star rating or less, it means that you were somehow dissatisfied with the service, and if you give a very low rating the driver could get in trouble or even banned from the platform. 

Remember, rating is a two-way street. Drivers also rate their passengers after every ride, so make sure you act with respect!

Ready to take your first ride? Follow these steps to download the Lyft app and request your first ride!

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