How to Use Lyft's Destination Mode (for Drivers)

Posted by: RideGuru Team Dec 17, 2020


Using Lyft's Destination Filter

Destination mode on the Lyft driving app has been around for a while but we have been getting a number of questions recently from our new drivers on how to best use this mode. We wanted to put together a comprehensive guide on using the Lyft Destination Mode and why you should be using it!

Lyft’s Destination Mode matches you with riders who are heading in the direction you would like to go, allowing you to earn income while en-route to your personal destination. Destination Mode also allows you to input a certain time you would like to reach your destination by to ensure you are not taken too far-off route.

Using Lyft’s Destination Mode

As briefly mentioned above, Destination Mode allows you to control the rides you receive by filtering them in one of two ways:

Destination Mode is available to all drivers with the exception of drivers working in NYC. If there are no riders looking for a ride that matches up with your destination, Lyft will automatically sign you offline after searching for half an hour to ensure you can still reach your destination on time.

How to Navigate to Lyft’s Destination Mode on the App

  1. Open the Lyft Driver app, go online, and tap the filter icon in the top right corner
  2. Choose between filtering rides by 'Arrive on time' or 'Head to destination'
  3. Enter your destination (home, work, an appointment, your kid’s school, etc.)
  4. If you selected 'Arrive on time,' enter the time you need to be at your destination
  5. To edit your arrival time or destination, tap the pencil icon. That’s it!

If you would like to exit this destination filter simply tap ‘Edit’ next to the destination address, then select ‘remove filter,’ and you'll go back to receiving regular ride requests.


How often can you use Destination Mode?

Destination mode can only be used 2 times per day, no matter how rides are filtered. Your counter resets at midnight, local time.

Destination Mode and Bonuses

It is important to not that while you are in destination mode, your time online will not count towards any required time for bonuses.

Destination Mode and Acceptance Rate

Keep in mind that while in Destination Mode, any rides not accepted are still factored in your acceptance rate!.

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