Uber’s New Redesign, Explained

Posted by: RideGuru Team Feb 28, 2023
Updated Feb 28, 2023

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Uber loves to constantly update their app and this week they announced a brand new redesign of their user interface. This is the first rollout in a series of updates that Uber has planned for the new design of their app. Here is what you will see if you login today:


A New Homescreen


Uber has simplified their homescreen design to make it easier to navigate between rides and deliveries. They have also added a new “Services” tab as a “one stop shop to find all of the rides and delivery offerings available in your city – from a nearby e-scooter to dinner, flowers, cocktails, and more.” And there is a new “Activity Hub” tab where you can track all past and upcoming rides and eats orders on your account.


Personalized Features

Further, Uber has made their app more personalized with “Saved Places” and personalized recommendations. Once you tap “where to?” on the Uber homescreen, your “Saved Places” will now automatically appear and Uber will suggest a list of personalized destinations and ride types based on your past preferences and trips.

For example, according to Uber, “if you typically ride Uber Green, it will likely be the first option you see; and we’ll also show you other offerings for zero-emission rides. Or, if you typically Reserve your rides in advance, we’ll display other pre-planned options on the homescreen that you may not know about.”


New and Improved Ride Tracking

With this most recent update, the Uber app now supports “Live Activities and Dynamic Island”, which means that iPhone users running iOS 16 or later can track the live progress of their ride and receive updates like vehicle details, the latest ETA information, and trip status – all on the Lock Screen of their phone without having to open the Uber app!


According to Uber, this is just their first rollout of a series of User interface updates that are to be expected over the next few months!

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     3 weeks ago

    Uber used to grow strongly in some countries in Asia as with wrong steps, so it stopped developing. I really hope Uber will calculate the steps carefully not to head into the black holes to become like the evil debtors in the popular cuphead game today.