Traveling Long Distances With Uber

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Sep 24, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


How far can you travel in an Uber? Can an Uber take you across borders?

Usually, when you think of an Uber you think of relatively quick trips but, technically, there is no limit to how far you can take an Uber. However, there are some sticky situations that might make your long distance Uber trip end prematurely. Let's take a look.

First, trips may end automatically after four hours. Some drivers and riders have noted that the app will automatically end the ride once it reaches the 4 hour mark. If you have found yourself in a long distance Uber trip that is longer than 4 hours, you can always rebook and keep going. 

The cost of a long distance Uber ride will vary depending on time, distance, tolls, and more, but a multiple hour Uber ride will easily rack up a hefty bill. You can get an estimate of what it will cost on RideGuru before booking your ride; but the actual cost may vary as you are bound to hit at least a few obstacles! Drivers are not restricted to stay in one area, so people in metropolises will take Ubers between cities on a regular basis. You can even take an Uber across state lines because Uber does not restrict this. Though, it is important to note that in many cases drivers are not allowed to pick up a new passenger once they are out of their territory. This means that your driver will most likely have to drive much of the way home empty handed. The exception to this rule is Virginia, Maryland, D.C./New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Western Maryland metropolitan areas because traveling between these areas on a daily basis is so common.

While Uber does not restrict the crossing of state borders, they do restrict the crossing of international borders. This is due to registration and licensing requirements for drivers. It is also due to visa and passport requirements. There is no way to ensure driver and passenger[s] have the proper documentation to cross or return over borders. 

Asking an Uber driver to make a long distance trip is a big ask. Drivers are not alerted to the end destination until you have been picked up. Out of courtesy, you should let them know before getting on your way. It might seem like a win-win because of the large fee, but drivers have more costs than meet the eye. Drivers don’t keep the entire fee because Uber takes a portion. There is also the insurance, registration, gas, and maintenance costs of keeping up the vehicle. They may also have to make the trip back to their home without picking up another ride, which can be a financial loss for them. 

Uber is probably not the most economical way to travel for long distances, but if it’s what you want to do, you technically can. Hey, one man even decided to set a world record for the longest Uber ride by taking an Uber from North Carolina to California. It cost him $5,500 to make the 2,256 mile trek. 

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    8198 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    I love to do the long rides. Sometimes you do ride back empty but if you dont hit traffic its not bad. Most people are generous enough that they will tip 20% sometimes more on these rides which at least covers the gas for the ride back. 

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       2 years ago

      I ride every weekend from Maryland to Virginia, because I live in Maryland and work in Virginia, how can I get pasanger to cover for gas money?

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     2 months ago

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