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All you clever drivers, any ideas on how to make the connection/pickup process smoother or more foolproof?

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4059 Rider Driver
 Posted 5 months, 1 week ago

Uber tends to place the pin at the rear entrance of most addresses. Savvy riders place the pin advantageously. Autofill by GPS pins the nearest roadway (not necessarily an entrance or exit). Personally I think the pin should be assigned to a person and not a place. The person and the device are the pin. Track the device by GPS. That way if you go to the pin, you go to the rider. Every time. Thanks for your upvote.


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    927 Rider
     5 months ago

    Uber for privacy reasons cannot track passenger's locations unless the app is open.  (In other words, they cannot if the app is in the background.)  So, perhaps it'd cause more confusion if we all became used to that or started to rely on it to do pickups.

    Uber is able to drop the pin on the user's GPS location and communicate that to the driver.  In fact, I think that's what they are doing, right? The rider lets the Uber app grab his or her location, and then the rquest is sent out.   The problem is that that exact location is being geocoded to an address that driver's GPS can resolve and navigate to.  

    Due to the fact that the driver needs to be given an address for the sake of the navigation, at some point, the passenger location needs to be translated to an address.  That's probably where the rub occurs.

    I haven't driven recently in a long time, so I cannot rememeber what pin location the drivers see.  Is it address or the user's original location?  I am thinking it was the prior.

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    324 Rider
     5 months ago

    Wait, I thought the pins are placed on the person's GPS location, not the address.  Of course, unless the passenger-to-be enters the address manually.  No?

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      159 Driver
       5 months ago

      Uber became shy about using people's GPS locations.  If the drivers could track the riders' movements in real-time, this would solve all kinds of problems.  

      Do you know how many riders would request a ride AND THEN move to another?  Come on, people!!! 

      (Well, now I am starting to think.  Is it because riders think we can see their GPS locations as they move?)

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    804 Driver
     5 months ago

    If drivers could see the passengers real time location, unscrupulous drivers could concievable circle the riders location to avoid pickup and to collect no shows.