Is Lyft getting in on the Food Delivery Game?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Oct 08, 2020


Lyft is finally testing out the food delivery game! On Tuesday, Lyft first announced that their subscription plan, Lyft Pink, would now include Grubhub incentives.

Lyft Pink, which has always offered other perks such as 15 percent off all rides, 3 free 30-minute scooter or bike rides per month, faster airport pickups, and three chances to avoid cancellation fees per month, has added access to GrubHub+ for all subscribers. By gaining access to GrubHub+, members will obtain free delivery on any orders as well as certain restaurant specific promotions.

GrubHub+ by itself costs $9.99 a month. The Lyft Pink membership is more costly at $19.99 per month but if you are an avid Lyft user this may be the perfect deal for you.

While this is only a small first step for Lyft into the food delivery world, it does increase speculation on if Lyft is planning to add their own or acquire another food delivery platform. With ridership still so low due to Covid-19, having a food delivery business to fall back on may be vital to Lyft’s survival. Uber has been relying on its food delivery business through these tough times, even trying but ultimately failing to acquire GrubHub.

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    221 Rider Driver
     2 years ago

    They are so behind on this. I heard UberEats saved Uber from collapsing when the pandemic hit. With everything that Lyft does, where they copy Uber's business model, I am surprised they haven't offered it already. They didn't diversify like Uber did. If this were a few years ago, they would have been able to acquire one of these food delivery businesses, but probably not anymore. GrubHub can probably buy them instead.

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     1 year ago

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