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Drivers & Passengers, Is Uber and Lyft destroying our world? Read new study and share your thoughts.

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7981 Rider Driver
 Posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

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    991 Rider Guru
     7 months ago

    This paragraph is quite deep. 

    "Worse is the tale of two cities effect: Relatively well off people in Ubers congesting the streets of Manhattan and San Francisco slow down buses full of relatively low-income people. By giving people who can afford it escape from the subway, Uber and Lyft also reduce social interaction between people of different classes and lead to a more stratified society."

    I did just read an article that Uber is now rolling out public transit options within their app to allow people to compare costs and trip times. The hope is to rectify some of the issues they created in regards to public transport. Not sure showing people how much they will save will help any (most people understand the cost difference between Uber and the subway) but still interesting nonetheless.

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    140 Rider
     7 months ago

    I do think the deadheading point is a real issue. This is what is causing the insane increase in traffic. TBH I didn't mind NYC proposal to cap the number of rideshare drivers, cutting down on deadheading and traffic.

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     7 months ago

    Sure, this article lists a lot of negative consequences of Uber and Lyft but look at all the good these companies have also done - new jobs, introduction to the whole gig economy, providing easy transport for less money, researching new ways to move people through driverless cars or flying automobiles, connecting people who may have never have had the chance to meet and share their viewpoints on the world. I do see some good in all these changes.

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    57 Rider
     7 months ago

    Interesting, I was prepared to read this article thinking, how many bad things can they really name. I was surprised. And every point actually made sense.

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    74 Rider
     7 months ago

    LOL well just this first line doesn't sound too good for the health of our nation. "Students at the University of California Los Angeles are taking an astonishing 11,000 app-based taxi trips every week that begin and end within the boundaries of the campus."

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      92 Rider
       7 months ago

      haha, though I guess you never know how big that campus is? It could be huge. I studied at RMIT in Melbourne and it spanned quite a bit of the city. Though we just used public transport instead of ordering ubers everywhere. I also know in Boston, BU students heavily use the green line to get to and from classes, so much that it always makes public transport in that area very congested. I guess there are problems with all public transport once too many people start using one system.