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How to Book an Ola Cab without Internet

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 2 months ago

Order Ola without internet

Have you ever needed a ride but had no access to the internet to order a car? This can be a scary feeling, causing you to believe that you may be trapped! Luckily, Ola, has a way for users to use their service even when they do not have internet service. The process is fairly simply, just follow the below steps!

1. Open your Ola app on your phone. Even without internet, your Ola app will automatically detect your location.

2. Select the car category that you would like to book.

3. Tap Ride Now to confirm your booking. Upon ...

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The Most Useful Apps for Rideshare Drivers

Posted by: Sergio Avedian in Driver Community , Rideshare Knowledge 2 months ago

In this article, I am going to share with you the most popular free and subscription based apps for drivers. On the previous weeks articles I tried to explain how to be a more profitable driver by deploying strategies  by deploying strategies in your own city. Here are some of the apps I have personally used and some I am currently testing.

Mastering efficiency is key to maximizing rideshare profits. Rideshare drives often lose efficiency in two main areas: time management and money management. However, improving time and money management while ridesharing can be challenging especially if a driver ...

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How to Order Lyft Through Amazon Fire or Alexa

Posted by: Felicia Dodge in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 2 months ago

Order Lyft with Alexa

Did you know you can order a Lyft through your Amazon Fire Tablet or by using Alexa? Well, you can. 

Amazon Fire Tablets can do a lot of things, including order your next Lyft ride. If your tablet is a 2013 or newer model, you’ll be good to go, just follow these directions. First, through the Amazon Appstore, download the Lyft app. If you already have a Lyft account, just log in. If you are new to Lyft, create an account. Then, enter your cell phone number, and you’ll receive a text with a code to verify it’s really ...

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Can I Pay Cash For My Ola Ride?

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 2 months, 1 week ago

Ola Cash

Ola is a great way to get around, but what makes it even better is the multiple ways to pay. Not only can you pay with cash you can also use Ola Money, Ola Money Postpaid, and your credit or debit card.

Paying with cash couldn’t be easier. When you are booking your next ride, choose the Pick a Payment option. All you need to do is select Cash, and you’re good to go. You can see how much the fare will be before you ride if you want to see whether you have enough cash on hand or ...

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What’s Happening With Uber in London?

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 2 months, 1 week ago

When Uber’s license to operate in London expired two years ago, as their renewal was denied by London’s TFL based on a lack of safety and governance compliance. While Uber was recently granted a provisional license in London for the next two months, the company was a bit disappointed as they were hoping to have a five year contract like the last time.

The long term license was denied because TFL wanted Uber to bring their operation standards higher to protect the safety of passengers, drivers’ rights, and the environment. Uber must ensure passenger safety by checking drivers’ documentation, having ...

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