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RideGuru Digest for Nov 28, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru in RideGuru Digest 2 months, 3 weeks ago

From the RideGuru Forum

I did the unheard of... What almost every driver says not to do.

Drove Saturday night in Philly & Lower Bucks. Rain was relentless, flooding everywhere, visibility awful. After seeing my 8th accident on I-95 this one involving 4 cars that firemen were ...

what is roughly the split of rides between Uber Pool, Uber X and Uber Black?

Hi I would like to understand on average how number of rides is split between the core Uber services

Any drivers have any stories, issues, complaints about driving ...

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Should Rideshares be Regulated?

Posted by: RideGuru in Driver Community , Infographics , Rider Community 2 months, 4 weeks ago

Rideshare regulation is a hot topic right now with cities (NYC, we are looking at you!) trying to figure out the best course of action for regulating (or not regulating) rideshares such as Uber and Lyft. The debate is fierce with Uber stating that rideshare regulation will only hurt the marketplace and drive prices up for riders while others love that regulating rideshares might actually be a solution to the increasing traffic congestion over recent years.

With the recent news surrounding NYC regulating rideshares, we asked respondents in a recent survey if they agreed or disagreed with cities who want ...

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RideGuru Digest for Nov 26, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru in RideGuru Digest 2 months, 4 weeks ago

From the RideGuru Forum

Lyft will offer auto-tipping and default 5-star driver ratings

Two big changes coming (at least for selected passengers):

- You (passenger) can preset the tipping amount so if you forget to specify, the drivers will still get paid:

- If you ...

As a ride share driver, what is your worst nightmare?

Being wrongly accused and not having proof to the contrary. With dashcam and two other hidden cameras and five audio pickups, I hope to have that resolved.

What is the shortest Uber or Lyft ride that you ...

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RideGuru Digest for Nov 21, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru in RideGuru Digest 3 months ago

From the RideGuru Forum

Martha Stewart took her first Uber ride and HATED it!

Lol, this is making me smile today! 

"Stewart posted a lengthy Instagram rant on Monday after her first ride turned into what she described as a "mess inside and ...

Uber's Customer Service AI/Chatbot or Human? Conspiracy theories of a driver who lost their mind while dealing with Uber CS.

I have lots of downtime between 245am 515am. I clean my car and sit and have coffee at local Gas Station and chat with the workers I ...

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Would you use an autonomous vehicle?

Posted by: RideGuru in Infographics 3 months ago

In September of this year, along with Bellhop and The Rideshare Guy, we organized the largest rider rideshare survey to date! With over 1,000 total respondents answering a variety of questions across rideshare habits, spend, impact, and future technologies we gained valuable insights into how we, as a society, view rideshares.

One section of the survey focused on the future of autonomous cars and how riders view this new transportation technology. While many news sources and articles cite "excitement" around driverless taxis and autonomous vehicles, we found that most respondents are not ready for autonomous vehicles. In fact 64 ...

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