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Is the Scooter Era Ending?

Posted by: Sergio Avedian in Driver Community , Rideshare Knowledge 5 months, 3 weeks ago

About a decade ago, scooters, rideshares, and E-bikes did not even exist in our vocabulary. But we all have come to appreciate the usefulness of these new transportation choices. I have extensively written about the Micro Mobility Industry in the past. Initially, I thought that scooters and e-bikes had their place in cities, not knowing that they would proliferate like wild mushrooms. As with anything new, they looked like they were fun to ride. However, as we know now, they became a nuisance for most drivers, a regulatory nightmare for city officials, residents and a definite health hazard for riders. ...

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Cargo Pivots to Car Top Advertisements

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon in Driver Community , Rideshare Knowledge 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Cargo Beam

Cargo the company known for putting vending display boxes in Uber’s and Lyft’s across the country just announced a major pivot to their business model. In a message sent to drivers, Cargo stated “As you may have heard the bittersweet news from our last email, we’ve determined that the best path for Cargo in 2020 is to pause our Cargo Store business and double our efforts within the Cargo Beam program. We will forever be grateful for the support and work our drivers have put in towards the Cargo Store.”

What is the Cargo Beam Program?

According to the Cargo ...

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Are Rideshare Drivers Busier During Winter?

Posted by: Felicia Dodge in Driver Community 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Uber Driver in Winter

Yes and no. People will always need to get where they need to be going, and that is not dependent on what time of year it is. Winter can be very lucrative for rideshare drivers, but it can also be a slow time of year.

Summer is the busier time of year from the standpoint that there are more activities, parties, events, and occasions to go out and about. There are more people wanting to go places, but there are also more rideshare drivers vying for those rides. You will definitely be busier driving in the summer, but you will ...

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Dashboard Cameras: The Ultimate Guide for Both Drivers and Riders

Posted by: Sergio Avedian in Driver Community , Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Using a dashboard camera is definitely not a fad anymore, but a worldwide trend. Dash cameras are extremely useful to modern Rideshare (Uber & Lyft) drivers, coming with a wide variety of benefits. Buying a dashcam is definitely a smart thing to do for driver as well as passenger safety! However, first things first, before purchasing one of these devices, it is imperative to discover if dashboard cameras are legal in your state or region.

Even though dashboard cameras are legal in most states, there are still two important aspects to consider when talking about dash cam legality in USA. ...

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What To Have In Your Car’s Winter Safety Kit

Posted by: Felicia Dodge in Driver Community , Rideshare Knowledge 5 months, 3 weeks ago

car winter safety kit

Safety should always be your first priority when you’re behind the wheel. Having a safety kit in any and every car is important all year round, in case of emergency. Winter can bring additional different challenges and dangers, so it is necessary to update your car’s safety kit every time the weather starts to turn chilly.

You can buy premade and prepacked safety kits from automotive stores or places like Walmart, Target, etc. Or you can make your own. Even premade kits won’t come with all the things you should probably keep in your car, just in case. 

  1. Blanket ...
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