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What is a VanPool?

Posted by: felicia in Rideshare Knowledge 1 month ago

Saving money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Transportation is a big cost for almost everyone getting to and from school or work. Whether you get there by car, taxi, Uber, or public transit, you have to spend time and money. VanPool is not a new concept, but it is growing in popularity. 

Vanpools can save you time and money on your commute. It’s a blend of on-demand service and carpools, which have been around for quite some time. A designated driver is given a vanpool vehicle for commuting from one area to another. There is a set time ...

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Should you put your Uber Driver experience on your resume?

Posted by: Sergio in Driver Community 1 month ago

Uber driving on resume

Driving for Uber and Lyft has become increasingly popular over the years, currently there are close to 2 million active drivers in the US and over 3 million globally. Rideshare companies allow people to use their own vehicles to generate additional income to their existing regular jobs as well as generating income in between jobs. Most people look at rideshare driving as a part time side gig but about 20% of Uber and Lyft drivers are on a full time basis. The question many people have is whether they should add full-time or part-time work with Uber or Lyft onto ...

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New Fee for Uber and Lyft Passengers Headed to Charleston’s Airport

Posted by: felicia in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 month ago

A new fee has been activated for Uber and Lyft passengers going to the Charleston Airport as of Tuesday, October 1, 2019. A $3.25 fee for rides going to the airport was approved by the Aviation Authority Board.

The Charleston Airport does not have the infrastructure to handle the amount of rideshare traffic they are receiving. With the airport being over capacity, they need a way to pay for changes to the system, which is why the fee is now in place. In 2015, Uber and Lyft were made to charge a pick up fee from the Charleston Airport, but ...

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Transportation to Medicaid Appointments Provided by Lyft and Uber

Posted by: bekah in Rideshare Knowledge 1 month ago

Medicaid and Uber

Currently, over 75 million Americans are covered by Medicaid. Two million people delayed cared in 2017 because they were not able to make it to their appointments. Right now, Uber is only working with Medicaid in Arizona; where as, Lyft is working in 35 states with Medicaid programs or organizations to supply rides to and from Medicaid appointments. 

There are different ways of using rideshares for Medicaid enrollees. Uber and Lyft don’t operate the same way for Medicaid enrollees as they do for the traditional rideshare passenger. Instead of using a smartphone to order an Uber or Lyft, the passenger ...

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How to Book an Ola Cab without Internet

Posted by: lilly in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 month, 1 week ago

Order Ola without internet

Have you ever needed a ride but had no access to the internet to order a car? This can be a scary feeling, causing you to believe that you may be trapped! Luckily, Ola, has a way for users to use their service even when they do not have internet service. The process is fairly simply, just follow the below steps!

1. Open your Ola app on your phone. Even without internet, your Ola app will automatically detect your location.

2. Select the car category that you would like to book.

3. Tap Ride Now to confirm your booking. Upon ...

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