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Uber's New PIN Pickup Feature: How does it work?

Posted by: lilly in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 month ago

In an effort to reduce congestion and speed up pickups at major airports, Uber is testing out a new PIN enabled pickup feature at Portland International Airport. The new PIN pickup gives riders a one time six digit code, or a personal identification number (PIN), to enter into their app when they are ready to be picked up.

Here is how it works:

When a passenger orders an UberX from Portland International Airport they will be instructed to make their way to the dedicated Uber pickup zone. At this time the app will also give the rider a six-digit personal ...

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Can Uber drivers really manipulate surge pricing as reported in the media?

Posted by: Sergio in Driver Community , Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 month ago

“Surge Club!” Plenty of news lately that a handful of Uber drivers are manipulating the fares they receive by surge gaming at Reagan International in Virginia and Baltimore airports, costing the passengers to pay higher fares. Is it possible? Why are they doing it?

What is Surge/Prime Time? How does it get triggered?

The idea behind surge pricing is to adjust prices of rides to match driver supply to rider demand at any given time. During periods of excessive demand when there are many more rider requests than drivers, or when there aren't enough drivers on the road available to ...

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Uber Eats in Miami

Posted by: felicia in Rideshare Knowledge 1 month ago

Uber is creating, conquering, and revolutionizing the rideshare industry. Uber Eats has become a go to for hungry people not wanting or unable to leave wherever they are at. Miami has captivated people’s attentions and taste buds with its exotic and eclectic background. It is no wonder why Uber Eats is such a popular food option in Miami. Pairing up a foodie city with a comprehensive food app is a stroke of genius. 

Uber Eats is based out of San Francisco, like its parent company. Uber launched the new app and platform in August 2014, and it did not take ...

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An in-depth look at Lyft’s Personal Power Zones (PPZ)

Posted by: Sergio in Driver Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 month, 1 week ago

Who is benefiting from PPZ, The Driver, The Passenger, or Lyft? 

Since I started driving for Uber and Lyft, which is more than three years now, I've seen the GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY! 

The GOOD was when I first started, high pay for miles and minutes, plenty of surge fares, less than eight drivers at every corner, medallion system that pretty much guaranteed a 2x surge multiplier on each ride, Power/Boost zones, and high value quests for weekdays and weekends.

The BAD was what followed next, constant price cuts on both Uber and Lyft platforms in a bitter ...

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Lyft’s Reward Program: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by: lilly in Rideshare Knowledge 1 month, 1 week ago

Lyft Rewards Program

The rideshare industry is incredibly competitive, which is why Lyft is upping the ante with their rewards program. In September, 2018, they hit one billion rides, so it’s no wonder they are making the already popular platform even more incentivized. Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know about Lyft's Reward Program.

Can anyone use the reward program? 

Yes! Lyft Rewards is open to everyone using Lyft. There are different reward programs depending on your account, though.

How do I sign up for Lyft Rewards?

Whenever you use the Lyft app to get around, you'll automatically earn points ...

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